be polite or go fuck yourself. you decide

This is still a young website so the archive is less of an archive but rather a pitifully short list. One day it will be very long and then one day it will die. How it will die is a mystery for you and me alike.

Also, to the people who just clicked on the ‘archive’ button without pressing the ‘read more’ below any of the photo’s. I have written copious amounts of drivel below the photographs and if you click on the links below you can have a ghanda.


Cock Master

The Best Things In Life

Maccy Dee’s

Some Photo’s You’ve Sent Me

Let The Idea’s Roll…

Don’t Kid Yourself

Nothing Important

Steal From Work!

Love And Rejection

The Future

Don’t Censor Me!



We Own Right Now

What Do We Know?

Cheaper Than Food

Time Doesn’t Exist

You Are Alive

I Hope

A Lot Of Smug Cunts

Passive Smoking Is Theft

No Talking!

Our Own Little World



Keep Your Coins, I Want Change

You Are Not What You Own

T.V Is Not Compulsory

Someone’s Supermarket

Money Sucks

Kiss Her!


2 Responses

  1. HI. i saw those pictures once. please where do you get them from? i know that they are somewhere on the internet yet, but i dont remember the site. could you please please help me?

  2. this is a great website keep it uppp

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