What Do We Know?



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  1. What do we know? I for sure aint saying that I know the answer to everything. But I think allowing for the possibility of what we don’t know is uimperative. Otherwise you get structures of power which can well end up pomulagting the biggest load of bullshit. Like today’s scientific establishemnt. You only have to look at cutting edge quantum physics to see that people’s intentions and presence can change the results of experiements. CRAZY! but true!

  2. thought you might be interested in this:


    my last post is of street art/graffiti in Quito, Ecuador, and my next couple will be of the same in Valparaiso and Santiago, Chile

    keep up the cool posts!

  3. The EU superstate thing looks dodge! But then i guess its got blairs fingerprints all over it… wouldnt want to break a habit of a lifetime would he?

  4. I had a go at that lucid dreaming thing and it was crazy!but in a good way. id reccomend it!

  5. “Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.” (‘1984’ by George Orwell)
    If you don’t believe a half-century old book can bring you close to tears, I strongly advise you to read it!

  6. (I’m sorry, I meant to post that elsewhere)

  7. I love this site very much, i could definitely contribute as well. I am an activist of many issues, and a huge fan of Street Art. The link u posted about the U.S. funded aerial spraying peeked an interest especially when i read that the company of ‘Monsanto’ was behind it. I have read many things about them in the anti consumerism,anti-advertising magazine “ADBUSTERS:journal of our mental environment” you should check out their site or sucscribe to their magazine, i promise u will be glad u did.

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