Cheaper Than Food



8 Responses

  1. cheaper indeed, but better for you? I doubt it!

  2. heh, made me chuckle!!!!

  3. Kids…..

  4. My gosh! How much food is this person buying? And how low-grade is the speed to say it’s cheaper than food?

  5. It generally shows how difficult it is to survive for some people. Ever go to a fast food place and find that their burgers are cheaper than a good, healthy salad? We want the salad, but we can’t afford it.

    This person wants food… but perhaps can’t afford it. To provide for sustanace lost… this person turns to speed. Instead of blowing our money on unnecessary shit like the war (I live in the US), perhaps we ought to try and fix the wrongs in our country first.

  6. speed? i prefer weed. keep up the good work! nice blogg

  7. I fucking hate forum people

  8. yeah!!!!

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