T.V Is Not Compulsory



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  1. No, it’s not just you, it really is scary. Here’s another one to add to your list: Recent studies have shown that a person’s brain is more active when they’re asleep, than when they’re watching television.

  2. it is very scarey. it’s the whole media.
    this is a relevant video:

  3. This is why we don’t receive broadcast television …

    … that piece of grafitti reminds me of a piece I used to see between Partick and Anderson train station in Glasgow “Thought is Dangerous” …

  4. It depends on what you’re watching…

  5. I don’t see television as a totally bad thing. Like everything else it’s the abuse of television. The first statistic shocked me, about the meaningful conversation…that’s dreadful. When I was little my parents would talk to me about everything and anything. My dad was debating Philosophy with me at the age of 7. That really disgusts me, that people talk with their children so little…

  6. I stopped watching television way back. Just same old dramas, and comedy shows that hardly make me laugh and News that are hardly worth reporting.

    I, however, still think that NGC, Travel and Living etc has some good stuff to show. But I don’t watch them either.

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  8. i agree whole heartedly whit you I think that Television has lost a lot of it’s former luster – especially with the on set of ‘reality’ shows which to me personally never reflect my reality. This said, I also believe television can be a great educational tool and should not be entirely written off. It’s very engaging for kids especially as you have mentioned and if parents out there aren’t focusing in on real conversations with their kids and television is the next best thing, then instead of removing TV from the picture I’m all for more interesting programs, less advertisements and just simply less crap. I know I’m dreaming but it’d be nice…

  9. agree. i personally never owned a TV and now that i’ve lived away from my parents for almost 3 years, i never felt the need to buy one for myself.

  10. Television is good, but addiction to TV is bad. Parents who have no time to talk to their children, leaving them to spend hours at the TV, will have themselves to blame at the end.

  11. …I really like re-runs of Scrubs, but that is the limit of my TV watching, I agree TV in it’s present form has come and gone.

  12. TV rots your brain. period.

    read a book for gods sake

  13. Yes Steve, I’m with you on that one! Television is mind-numbingly stupid and most of what I see gives children the impression that it’s okay to be bitchy, nasty and judgmental to and about everyone on the planet. My 10 year old gets through at least 2 or 3 ‘chapter’ books a week and has a GREAT imagination.

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