Someone’s Supermarket



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  1. The picture made me sniffle at first but then I remembered so many people who I see on the streets collecting plastics to sell and earn money while others looking for left overs for their starving children. Its sad.

    God bless!

  2. This could be used as a shock therapy for everyone who don’t give a damn about homeless.

  3. being homeless sucks. it’s ironic this post came right after the Money Sucks one. in one post a person complaining about money, the other is sifting through garbage for food and trying to make a home out of ones own clothes.

    i don’t think tramps would be less inclined to rummage in the bin with those words painted on it. but they might cry a bit more while doing so.

  4. Why do we ignore homeless people ? I don’t know, it’s so sad.
    For the bin, someone angry about these people’s misery did this, but not a homeless person himself.

  5. I disagree with all of these replies. I’ve worked in downtown Los Angeles for over 7 years now. In those years I have seen quite an array of homeless people. For the most part, these people seem to be of the mind that they are owed because of their situation. What I mean is that because I have and they do not, they are owed by me. On the other side of the coin, some I’ve seen are clearly operating in a different reality than I. Those that can, should. Those that can’t, should be entitled to some sort of assistance. Is sad, yes. But only in the context that they have made the choice to live that way.

  6. Everyone needs help at one time or another. We don’t all need the same sort of help, or help in the same degree. I’ve found that what’s important is not to help someone who can help themselves.

  7. “Why do we ignore homeless people ? I don’t know, it’s so sad.”

    I was thinking about this. Part of it is irrational fear, they may be dirty, diseased, etc.

    But what I finally decided is, it’s just too sad to face. We worry that if we open the door to our hearts at all, it will be just too hard to bear. This is cowardice, knowing the right thing to do and failing to from discomfort. In reality, the sadness won’t overwhelm you if you stop and treat them like a human being. It will buoy you.

  8. Just a thought, but thanks for reminding me of all my blessings. As I sit in my office complaining of the time going by so slow on a Friday afternoon, the heat (can someone please turn on the air) , having to go home and cook a meal, and paying for a tank of gas to get me there in my gas hog SUV! What was I thinking? I always take things for granted and forget that we are truly blessed. Thanks

  9. Yea… I’m always giving change to the bums around here too. To be a bum in my area, I think it’s a prerequisite to have no teeth and dreadlocks.

    It’s sad.

  10. This really made me quite sad. I always give money to people I see on the streets (not that many considering I live in the middle of nowhere) and charities but one still doesn’t really like to think of what they have to do to survive, do they? Good post, thought provoking

  11. The sad part about that picture is the truth of it. Like others said, thought provoking. Thanks for sharing.

  12. i would think not all of them are “sad”. what about the ones that choose to be like that? they like the “freedom” and anonimity of being homeless. yet, a dump is a dump, no need to add the sarcasm.

  13. I think every country in the world have these people. We walk past them easily, and don’t look at them. They are so common everywhere.

    But aren’t they human being? Can’t we do anything for them? Isn’t there any way to make their life easy?

    I always want to do something for them. I think if it would be possible to make a source of income for them by some donation and well organization wich will be of long term, that will do them some real help. If we just see one poeple and give some money, he will may be have a good dinner, but will that actually help?

    I am just trying to show their lives in my blog Canvas of life. I just want to let the world known about their misurable lives. It would be a great help for them too if anyone place a link of the site at their blog, and give an opportunity to grow the site!

  14. Life has never been fair to everybody. Men that are ruined are ruined on the side of their natural propensity. Somewhere along the line, someone misses it in life and may never be able to recover.

  15. Huh, back to John Ruskin and capitalist individualism. Does anybody ever think that we were actually designed to live tribally, in communities? Then no-one would end up homeless would they!

  16. quality photo

  17. Not everyone on the street wants to be there. Our mental health care in America is horrid. So many people go untreated. Drug addiction, alcoholism, adds to the problem. I almost wound up homeless in Connecticut.

    I took my grandson into my home, and we got no support from either parent. I was busting my you know what to make end meet. We got some help from the state. $333. a month and around $200. in food stamps. I’m normally a secretary, but I went to work cleaning rich people’s homes to make $20 and hour and worked every day. I had used all my savings in the three years we were there. Then the car died. Now if my mom and dad weren’t still alive and took us in I don’t know where we would have been. Now I am working and getting back on my feet, but really there are circumstances that happen.

    Walk a mile in my shoes!

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