Money Sucks


Look at the guy above for example, he is 21st century man. He is dressed in a sombre black suit, not too different to the type you would wear to a funeral. He has spent 40 hours of his week sitting in front of a computer screen. Bored and stressed at work he has called tens, if not hundreds of other people working in front of other computer screens who are just like him, that is, insanely bored. He ends up annoying them with his numerous demands due to the demands imposed upon him by his supervisor, who also happens to be the guy with the generous Christmas bonus of stock options who is also unhappy (even though he has more money) because he’s got to keep the shareholders ‘happy’ who ironically only want more money. So you can kind of see a cycle starting to emerge here.

And why does he do it?

So that he can go to an automated lifeless piece of metal that gives him a wad of paper with a picture of the queen along with a number designating its ‘value’. Usually humans are not so silly as to accept small pieces of paper in reward for hard work, but ingeniously the people who make these pieces of paper put shiny little holograms on them which convinces the innocent human into believing it is of worth.

Silly Homo Erectus


26 Responses

  1. Actually money is great.
    If you dont like money give me yours!

  2. money is ‘great’ because it is a necessity especially here in the western world. indigenous people across the globe seem to get by fine without it and seem to lead far more relaxing and peaceful lives, that is until money finds them….

  3. For the ultimate in subversive graffiti, try Banksy. And for why that be-hologrammed piece of paper is so important ...

  4. banksy was kind of one of the inspirations for this site, but there are a million more banksy’s out there. I’m just trying to find them!


  5. Rather, Without Money Life is Sucked Out!

  6. Some interesting Money Maxims of UG out

  7. why money is “great”?

    it seems that we live in some great game/competition (world) where the destination to reach (purpose) is to make money (spend it).

    when it comes down to it, we believe that money will solve any problem. money is a “rule,” a “law,” a “cure,” “a strength,” and a “reward,” and we are lead to believe that money is worth all the trouble (like war, murder, and, dare i say, employment).

    and i think having money is “great” in this case because it means you are doing well in the race, i.e., there is less threat of poverty (something that would eventually lead to misery, suffering, and death)

    that could be why the miniature game version of this socio-economic structure is the most popular boardgame in the world.

  8. Money is good, especially when you need it..else you just want it 😉

  9. money just makes life more physically comfortable. that is all.

  10. True;there are people who are just in need of it – family issues etc. Sometimes its gives peace of mind too.

  11. that is not all.
    more money more problems. just look at the iraq.

  12. to be honest a bit of money would give me a bit of peace of mind at the moment.

    current financial situation in one word: shoestring

  13. speaking of iraq :

  14. to be honest, a LOT of money would give me more than peace at the moment. but i guess i should focus on the iRan. (hah, thanks, that skit was awesome.)

  15. He’s getting cash out of the ATM because he’s meeting that hottie from the other floor in his office building for drinks.

  16. Money isn’t happiness. But it’s an important key to happiness.

  17. The point is why does he does it? A human’s life would be empty if the answer was just for money.
    By working you are finding other things that come to realize you as a person. This are virtues, friendships, love for the others, etc.
    It’s in the real world, in the work (game) itself that lies the real value, it’s the place where you get to practice virtues, to play the game, to taste life, to give love.
    Work is a great chance: by working you are shaping the world and the people around you with your example, it depends on yourself to do it for good. “Be the change you want to see in the world.”- says Gandhi.
    work (and life in general), without the light of happiness, without a higher purpose than “small pieces of paper” is a waste of time. Work is only valuable in the way that through it you achieve higher ideals: to sustain your family, to give your children good education, to help the needed, etc.
    Human taste makes money obtention through work more than a mechanical, stressful goal of your acts (life).

  18. love the irony

  19. Money is just a system, an ideology. It serves to increase the efficiency of trade. People aren’t really working for money per se, but rather what it can buy.

    Anyway what do you think is a better alternative? Bartering? Being paid in food?

  20. Thats pretty deep, i wish my pockets were that deep

  21. key word is content.

  22. Harry, you need to refine your question.

    Instead of “what are the alternatives to money?”, “what are the alternative types of money”.

    We have spent 300 years using what’s best described as “debt money”, demanding expontial growth, with the modern world and all it’s triumphs and tragedies as the result.

    On the scale of human history, 300 years is a blip. There are other ways.

  23. Money is good. Try living in the Stone Age for a difference.

  24. Oh, the incredible illusions silly homo erectus buys into!

  25. wow brilliant!
    gorgeous and funny picture too.

  26. Money is a necessary evil, our society is based upon the use of money as an exchange item.

    The trick is in not letting money become the primary objective in one’s life, in the end money is just a tool we use to achieve objectives.

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