Kiss Her!



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  1. Wow. Nice picture. Good Zen moment. Carpe diem!

  2. It matters not the gender of the author…the advise is sound. Consider it divine intervention if you will. You know what you need to do; do it. And best of luck to you. Sometimes the most complicated of situations are the most enjoyable.

  3. As a man presently swimming in a veeeery complicated situation because I kissed her… kiss her you fool!

    Life is complicated. Love is too rewarding to overlook because you think life should be safe.

  4. life is complicated and love is rewarding..i agree with you wayne…but now why is it that i’m over-complicating my love….if i don’t stop what im doing..we could be heading to splits-ville 😦

  5. The Beatles, Hey Jude

    Hey, Jude, don’t be afraid
    You were made to go out and get her
    The minute you let her under your skin
    Then you begin to make it better.

    And any time you feel the pain, hey, Jude, refrain
    Don’t carry the world upon your shoulders
    Well don’t you know that its a fool who plays it cool
    By making his world a little colder

  6. I can totally relate, and i agree with it, ….. doesn’t matter if it was written from a guy or a girl, take it as if it was written from ‘god’ , ‘the universe’, a sign…

    Not only that but *I* happened “randomly” to click on this blog out of …all of them, randomly, and *I* am taking it as an act of god and ….. well i can relate.. i know what to do.. i tell others to do it –

    I’ve finally discovered its just subconscous conditioning, ‘automatic’ fear response, fear of…..

    myself?…. everything i see is a perfect mirror.. i see my desires…. “whats inside, is outside, whats outside, is inside”

    I need to do what the sign says, act in spite of anxiety/fear/etc… nothing to loose, kiss her and , i’ll pay you money if she doesn’t..want it (whoever, if any, doesn’t matter… )

    — no fear —

  7. Ah, it takes me back. I’m 16 and that hot young man from the icecream shop on the corner asks me for my number. Such a crush I had! but I was with my sister, so I said no. The next day I go back with my number written on a slip of paper, but the day before turned out to be his last day. Never saw him again.
    Carp diem, indeed.

  8. Male. Easy going. He doesn’t follow the rules and tends to give up too easy. He doesn’t belive himself though (last chance) is written too lightly. He’s afraid of her.

    So some advice for him or you. JUST DO IT. SHUT UP. NO THINKING. JUST DO IT.

  9. Ah, I love it. After all, faint heart ne’er won fair maid!

  10. watch this!

  11. i say you should just do it. better to know the response, be it positive or negative…than not doing anything and having to regret on what you should have done…

    good luck!

  12. Kiss Her!

    A thought-provoking picture.

  13. Doesn’t matter who wrote it, but it does look like girl writing to me.

  14. sanity, you’re right…it can be a power struggle, but i think your picture is the perfect way of averting it..just enjoying each other and being spontaneous, not nit-picky…acting like everyday is the first day.

    honestly, i’m loving the picture! good find 🙂

  15. We could all die at any moment – any one of us. That’s not morbid, just the truth. My neighbor across the street died yesterday. She had no idea it would happen…none of us know when we may take our last breath. Whatever the meaning, whether written by male or female, excellent advice!

  16. What do you maybe its handwritten? It would have to be handwritten look at the “E” and “O”s It would also be far to hard to cut a stencil that thin if thats what you meant.


  17. lol…how often do we see these kinda stuff..

    anyway, prolly written by a lady who’s desperate for a kiss ;p

  18. Heh. I went through the same shy(ish) guy quandry and got some good advice from a girl – “Kiss her the next time you see her…and remember that a lot of alcohol helps.”

    Happily married for 7 years and going. 🙂

  19. i think it ws written by a seventh grader

    chck my blog for my version of american idol finale, mj auciton etc

  20. wow.. the first poster is a tool.

  21. I bet a girl wrote it. Otherwise a little boy have instead 😛

  22. I can tell you from personal experience. The risk is worth it. Like they say, “you’ll never know until you try”.

  23. Wow, nice picture and message. Definitely looks like a girl wrote it.

  24. I vote woman. In fact, it may not have been for any purpose other than to get attention.

    I gotta say, I feel the same way you do…a lot actually…about shyness and such. I suck first moves.

  25. Live like you’ll die tomorrow, love like you’ll never love again, die like you’ve lived life for all it were worth.

  26. Just take the leap and kiss her. Love isn’t complicated, we humans only make it seem complicated…

  27. The writing is in chalk !!
    Think, who uses chalk?
    What is the proximity of the writing to a school?
    Can you walk to the school from the location?
    The other items on the side suggest a poster that is our of date.
    May 25, 2007 is not a Tuesday its a Friday.

    Your guess is as good as mine….

  28. Of course it’s written by a women…probably THE woman. The one who wants to be kissed…or her best friend stepping in to help give him a push… to taking action!

  29. It’s always complicated, isn’t it? Regarding the message, I’d say it was a guy. We tend to be the most hopeless of romantics (which is probably why I think it’s good advice).

  30. It was written by an old man … who didn’t.
    You will alway regret the things not done.

  31. Digg this. It’s pretty.

  32. Take the leap of faith – it is often the best thing you will ever do. Best to live life without regret. I personally think it was written by the woman.
    Good luck with the leap. I had one recently myself.

  33. It was totally written by a man. No doubt about it. I’m an amateur graphologist. Kiss your woman for sure. I have a good feeling about it. The worst that can happen is that she slaps you. Then you’d at least know she wasn’t right for you . . . and she was violent.

  34. Very interesting… I’m going that it was written by a guy.


  35. Just kiss them all, dammit – it breaks the ice, if nothing else..!

  36. It’s written by someone who still maintain innocent and rose-glasses in life or is a kid hehe. Sometimes this someone is uplifting and positive but sometimes lose hope. Possibly someone who has mood swings.

    Note the emphasis on “Your” – capital Y.

  37. The Writing on the Wall:
    “Kiss her, it may be your last chance!”
    Whether it’s written by a maniac man or a romantic gal, it does’t matter, what matters is that it represents the restless psyche of the world. Whether it is written in chalk or not, but at least it ‘talks’! Kissing her may be your last chance, but your desire to kiss her is ever lasting!

    UG tells rather eccentrically:
    “The body knows what it needs to do to survive. If it does not have the means to survive, it goes gracefully. The only reason for this organism to exist is to give continuity to the human species. Sex is only for reproduction, but you have turned that into a pleasure movement. What else is sex for other than reproduction?”
    – UG
    Do have a peep at our blog:

    Thank u guys/gals!

  38. Amusing that such a simple post shoots to the top of the list. I guess we are all fascinated by a kiss… especially a first kiss.

    I’m a little jealous that you have someone you are thinking about kissing. Hopefully, I can stumble into some electric and enticing soon.

    I think a girl wrote the graffiti. And I think you might want to heed the advice. Here’s to complicating life a little.

  39. You know… This pic convinced me to do it and kiss her. Thanks a bunch for posting this photo. 🙂 I owe you, dude! 😉

    Oh, and keep up the goood work, ’cause I see that you took an interesting subject for a blog.

  40. Well I could go either way on this.

    I am currently dating someone I love very much but the other day a guy who was hanging out with me who has a girlfriend admitted to me that he was feeling guilty because he loves her very much but at the same time he wanted to kiss me. I am glad we worked it out so that perhaps given time we can still be friends and not be uncomfortable with each other but had he followed this advice and just kissed me, there would have been hell to pay afterwards for both of us.

    But I also know so many guys who fall for women or meet women by chance that they are interested in and I know that they desperately need this advice hammered into them with a sledgehammer. I have had guys I am interested in who are interested in me but who are too afraid to make a move so yes, I would love someone to remember this and make use of it.

    But should such things occur when either one or both of you are unavailable? Is it still good advice?

    I know that my friend kissing me might have felt good but that I care for no one else but my boyfriend so it would have been very messy.

  41. But How to… if you didn’t have a girl?? Hiks…

  42. Reminds me of a boy I should’ve kissed long ago…honestly, it would have been worth it then as we haven’t seen each other in 10 years.

  43. You should definitely kiss her.

  44. It is a guy… if the “Author” is a she… she should have said “kiss him” not “Kiss her”.

  45. I kissed her… well my world turn upside down after that..but hey no regrets.. cos I know she is the love of my life…always will be.

  46. i go for a girl… me at d moment, really need a hug rather than a kiss. huh!

  47. HAI…


  48. Nice image!

  49. Thanks. That and the Beatles comment really made me think about how I continuously say how I want to be spontaneous, I say it rather than do it. Worrying.

    My reply I guess!

  50. Clearly feminine handwriting. It was written by a girl

  51. The advice is sound but what is even cooler is the sticker next to the writing; HD
    What’s that?
    – Hard to Die
    – Hit and Drop
    – Hello Darling
    – High Def
    – Hot Donut

  52. I think the yellow sign is for locating fire hydrants. maybe thats what ill need if i crash and burn! heh.

  53. It’s a bloke. Just do it.

  54. This is a lovely post, and so is the picture…thanks for sharing =)

  55. Yeah. Bloke. A sensitive one.

    Lovely pic, the only interesting graffiti I have seen around my suburb said “Bumsex”.

    Yours is much nicer.

  56. Absolute gem! 🙂
    ” A girl I know, but you see it’s complicated, things would happen if I had either the balls or stupidity but the possible consequences seem to have stopped me from taking that leap of faith.
    I know exactly what you mean. It’s true – much easier to preach/advise.

    By the way, I think it was a man who who wrote it.

  57. all this unnecessary wondering? why can’t a man or boy just simply ask if he could give a kiss?
    the mouth is not just for kissing (people sometimes forget the talking part).

  58. OK….I will kiss her tonite!

  59. who cares if it is a boy or girl. you have to do it, once you have, there is an answer. if you don’t you will never know. i know which one i would like…. an answer

  60. god dammit it’s like the universe is fucking with me… I’d kiss her if I were you. I’d fucking move the universe for her advantage. but you don’t work with her, I’d still kiss her. kiss her kiss her kiss her kiss her kiss her kiss her.

  61. just go for it – what’s the worst that could happen?

  62. nice

  63. Nice picture! No doubt about it…you know what you have to do 😉

    For the record…a bloke wrote that…no way a girl would write such a thing out of context.

  64. Good saying. But lemme add that it definitely would be the last if you just go and kiss her. By the way the lines speak out loud, it sure has a story to tell. Of late my phrase has always “Do it before it gets too late”
    What say?

  65. Ouuuu! that’s so sweet! I always take this kind of things as signs or wise free advice…
    Kiss her!!!

  66. i call that “signs” 😉

  67. Hello!
    Ran into your blog very randomly to fall on something that…oh well… reminds me of things I should do ;o)
    Have you, by any chance, seen the movie “Defending your life” (a comedy featuring Albert Brooks and Meryl Streep)? If not, I highly recommended it: the message makes you understand that sometimes (if not most or all) it is really worth overcoming a fear…or mental indigestion as a result of over-thinking.
    Good luck anyway and thanks for sharing that picture!!

  68. I love the picture and I have to say that it’s really good advice, especially sine I know a certain someone that needs to follow this advice.

    Now, I don’t know who wrote it, but I just seem to think a woman did.

  69. A woman in all probability

  70. Such a dilemma…

    Here are the options:

    a) Take your hand. Left or right, it doesn’t matter. Check to make sure that you still have balls, and if you do firmly grab them with your hand to reassure yourself of their existence. Now ignore every other feeling and just do what you want to do.

    b) Listen to your fear or anxiety and don’t take the leap of faith.

    If you can’t decide, take a coin, assign the option to each side. Flip the coin and read which side lands up. If you are happy with the choice that the coin has made, great. If you are not, then you have figured out what you don’t want to do and thus what you do.

  71. Nice advice. It is same thing as tell someone you love her/him for tomorrow might already be too late.

    Who wrote it? male or female? I think it’s possibly a female.

  72. either a female wrote it or a heartbroken teenage boy! frankly, a lot of depends on the individual situation whether to kiss or not to kiss. But if it’s a burden-less situation, GO GET HER!

  73. Arnold, the coin flipping idea is some of the best advice my best friend ever gave me.

    (and in the spirit of the original post – I did kiss him, then I fucked him. We didn’t become life partners, but we didn’t blow our friendship out of the water, either. There was some angst, some hurt feelings but in the long run, it’s brought us closer together. Sex is fleeting, love is forever.)

  74. reminded me of two things,

    number 1: Stones song This could be the last time

    and The cure’s album titile,

    Kiss me Kiss me kiss me

    she might me that desparate to be kissed as The Cure’s album title suggests.

    But you can’t hear her heart saying this, can ya???

  75. If you’re not willing to take the risk, you’re just not that into them.

  76. I’ve spent 10 years wishing he’d kissed me and wondering what would have happened if he had.

    I should have just kissed him.

  77. Google the phrase – a bunch of stuff comes up

  78. remember, live w/ no regrets.

  79. It’s better to regret something that you have done; than to regret something that you haven’t …..

  80. It looks like a man’s job..the frustration is completely out there 🙂

  81. So take the particular girl out for dinner and a few drinks and kiss her. Sounds stupid. Actually I wouldn’t have the balls myself. Anywho DO IT!

  82. DO IT!!!


  83. A better explanation for the “too lightly” written lower section is that the angle of the chalk has been altered due to the height of the writer, causing skipping. If you write with chalk on a wall, you will see the same thing nearly every time gets too low for a normal writing position.

  84. saxonmacleod speaks as if from experience?

  85. At the risk of redundancy (I just don’t have the time to make it through all 94 comments!), the handwriting looks more like the men’s handwriting I’ve seen than most womens. It’s just a guess, which is all I’m qualified to offer! 🙂

    This reminds me of my single favorite Disney song ever. “Kiss the Girl” from Little Mermaid. (Just don’t tell anyone I said that.) An excerpt for your reading pleasure:

    Don’t stop now
    Don’t try to hide it how
    You wanna kiss the girl

  86. Carpé poooon!

    -Some teen movie

  87. Be brave … kiss her.

    I’m waiting for someone I like (and who likes me) to kiss me … and waiting … and waiting …

    Why don’t I kiss him you ask?

    Bloody good question. Maybe I’m feeling the same fear of messing a good new friendship as he is (actually, I have no idea what he feels other than a big liking).

    OK – if you kiss her … I’ll kiss him. Deal?

  88. you first! heh.

    I have to say people you are all very persuasive

  89. nada de besos, me retiro, alguien que hable español por ahi?

  90. intuition tells me it’s a guy who wrote this. it it was a girl, i bet it would a flower or a heart or something. i’ve been reading some of the comments here and some people say love is complicated, and some say otherwise. you’re a smart guy to think of the consequences of your actions, but also a fool not to rise above your fears.

    whatever you’ve resolved to do, life will go on, either you’re with her or by yourself. regardless, things will be fine, don’t you think so?

  91. Nice design 😉

  92. Che, habla bien RV, si queres aprendar… practicas.


    PD de donde encontras tu logo? Es terrrrrible! (muy bueno)

  93. a sanity for safe: tenes algun correo para que me cuentes como cambio la vision de pantalla? soy principiante

  94. no intiendo amigo. lo siento

  95. Dancinggirl,

    Humans think, it is our curse. To make this work in our favor we must make life an experiment, or series of experiments.

    soooo act and observe the results.

    When we are not observing, we are over-thinking things.

  96. do it!

  97. This applies to young and old, related or not.

  98. Great tip, I wish I had read this a few weeks ago…Always worth to try, regretting what you did is always better than regretting what you did not have the guts to do…at least is how I feel!

    Great blog!

  99. john is cool

  100. A woman wrote it. She’d probably just read ‘He’s just not That Into You’ and she’s probably good looking and accomplished and frustrated. Frustrated that there might be men who want to kiss her but don’t have the balls because modern society has beat it out of them.

    Please kiss her, for the rest of us who are trying to figure out why we keep getting overlooked. FOLLOW THE BIOLOGY!!

  101. This is written clearly by a male,
    but His psychological condition was far far away from being either.
    and Maturity un attainable.

    Because he has seen the peak of pains.

  102. i don’t understand why humans have so many limitations and restrictions when it comes to expressing emotions and feelings towards another human being.

    i understand the nature of being nervous, but thats the best part. men always talk about being “pussys” for being too romantic … i say its the opposite if they cant even muster up the courage to embrace a girl …. same goes for woman tho too … make shit count – do something you’re afraid to do!! kiss the girl

  103. love that photo! Nothing wrong with men who have a romanti side, jsut as long as they don’t start weaking my frilly nighties.*lool*

  104. Just Say Yes. Always say yes. thats how I’m trying to live. In these situations its harder, but Im trying and Im getting better at it. so, say yes!

  105. I was tired of playing games and waiting for guys to make the first move, so last week I shocked my friends by asking a guy I fancied out on a casual date, and two days later I told him I liked him in a text message, because I wanted to find out how he felt about me. Though I felt a certain sense of liberation, my stomach did plenty of flip-flops while I kept checking my phone. I kept imagining him reading it and going into utter shock (nobody expected me to be this daring!)

    Three hours later, a message arrived (finally!). It said: “If you ever need someone to talk to, please don’t hesitate to call me okay? I think you are an awesome girl and I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone like you.”

    Feeling relieved, I did a little victory dance around my bedroom.

    P.S. Unfortunately it was not all happily ever after for me. Today I rang him (for the first time!) to wish him luck for his soccer game tonight and he was really insensitive on the phone!

  106. As an English teacher who has just wrapped up grading about 40 exams in the last 12 hours, it looks kind of like male handwriting to me. Possibly someone who had just mised his chance, or maybe someone who just took the chance and realized it was in the last possible moment. It almost looks jaunty, like he took the chance and it paid off, rather than he missed the chance and is now warning others.

    Either way, take the chance. Decide it will go horrible, make your peace with that and then take the chance. Even if the result is catosrophic, it’s something you know, as opposed to not knowing, which can haunt you for ages.

  107. It’s has to be women who wrote this. Probably frustrated because she knows she’ll slip away if he doesn’t do something soon!!! Aaargh!!!

  108. You should always do what is most in your own enlightened self interest. That’s not always the most polite thing to do, or the most socially-accepted. But it’s always the best thing to live with.

  109. Central London? Where exactly was this sign? It could be a deviously perfect place to “accidentally” pass by with a girl at the end of a date.. 🙂

  110. I think most significant is not the kiss part, but the “it might be your last chance” part – whatever it might mean to you. I think of my dog. Life is perfectly fleeting. These moments collect and fall away without any notice at all, like raindrops down a storm drain. But right now, I’m noticing. It’s sunny.

    (Actually, my husband might have cleaned these windows. It doesn’t usually look this clear from where I sit.)

    Sun. Trees. Grass. Sleeping toddler. xo

  111. hmm….. one wonders.

  112. Do it. Either way it works out, your life will probably change.

  113. You know, Most people dont have dare to express their feelings for they think if they do and get blocked by other side, they will lose so much. It is depend on you, your choice and your personality. If you are the person always do risking even for one step forward, then you will kiss her and never lose the chance..

  114. A guy might like a girl, but only the girl can choose the guy.

  115. ‘I am two fooles, I know
    For loving, and for saying so
    In whining Poetry;
    But where’s that wiseman, that would not be I,
    If she would not deny?’

    J Donne

  116. i can sort of relate to this too 🙂 nice blog u got here! tried using this template before. ciao!

  117. nice pic

  118. I see it as a guy wrote it because I view it subjectively … I don’t try to be an object unless I’m called to be for some purpose. So, artistically, I’m imagining myself (a guy) challenging my senses as to whether or not I should kiss her. Pretty simple really. Now, If I were at work an had to assess it objectively, i’d have to say there is not way to know.

  119. I’m going to say that it was a guy. I happen to know a very charming fellow who kissed and was rebuffed and he still had the balls and intense emotion to try again. We’re nearly a year and going strong. What’s the worst that could happen?

  120. Lewhzur.

  121. Correct…better do it than never…

  122. Yeh that is a top picture. It also makes me want to kiss this girl. Take heed of it’s message…life is too short.

  123. Indeed a sound advice… 🙂

    Go for it! 🙂

    Hope you’d post what happen?! 🙂

  124. Go for the great advice if not yoll never do it:-)

  125. great advice =)

    kiss her it may be your last chance?!
    wat if everyone start kissing someone they love/admire/etck.
    every 0.01second you’ll get a kiss by a possible admirer/stalker.

    that would be creepy.
    but either a man or woman who wrote it,
    I believe he or she’s is in love,
    but still hasn’t kiss the person yet. (maybe)


  126. Kissed Her ! (yeah!)

  127. if that girl gets under your skin go out and get her…
    i know something about love…

  128. i like that picture a lot. i’m sure lots of people have given their fair share of opinions of whether to kiss your girl or not, so i’ll spare you my comment.

    the picture did trigger me to realize to not hold my feelings inside, i mean, with certain consequences in mind. you probably shouldn’t kiss her if she’s married or something… anyway, it’s a nice little topic, and it’s gotten me a little bit melancholy…i guess i wish i was that girl who is so wanted right now lol

  129. really cool topic…its triggered a lot of nostalgic thoughts in everyone as we can see from the number of responses…im sure anyone would have gone through that phase where they liked a girl/guy but never told them for some reason and that would have left a little burning ember inside them….Its always easier to say carpe diem than to actually do it….there was this cute girl in coll who i had a crush on but never actually had the courage to tell her….last week i got to know that she had found someone…and the next day i saw this topic…coincidence???…neway i think its gotta be a guy who wrote it…..

  130. On a related note, check out “Waking Up”

  131. I say you should just do it. Pay attention to her body language and go for it. What do you have to lose?

  132. Definitely a woman.

  133. go for it … at least you’ll know and then you can have no regrets!

  134. I think it was written by Destiny…Fate’s close cousin. Sometimes, it doesn’t matter who wrote it, it just matters that we read what was written and then, act on it.

    Life makes us take circuitous paths all the time. Sometimes we turn right in order to turn left…we must stop in order to proceed. There’s a wierd cosmic nature to it all. But look at it this way mate, you were supposed to see this. And considering the issue you’re having with that girl, maybe that was your sign…sent from on high through the hand of a bored butcher with access to a chalk board. Maybe it was some kid’s joke…either way, you saw it andit made you think. It was for you..meant for you…intended for you to read, digest and probably do something about. We ask for signs all the time…sometimes, they’re right before our eyes.

    So…..did you? Kiss her, I mean?


  135. It’s a woman whose lot in life did not have the same outcome as the enscription so she chose to give others the inspiration to have the gumption her “want-to-be” lover never had. If that at all makes sense. 🙂

    I like that version.

  136. Oh yea! Sorry I forgot! Your lot… Should you say something? I’m not a fan of rejection, but if you’re living a life of sleepless nights, waiting in random locations just to glimpse of her or finding yourself writing her name on cafe napkins, I would say you might want to know the answer and not the “what if”. Unless of course you can live with “What if”.

  137. It’s better to regret something that you have done; than to regret something that you haven’t …..

  138. Yeah it’s a sign, alright. But don’t just kiss the girl. Catch her eyes first and if she doesn’t avert her face from you then go for it. Otherwise you’d be in your 70s and still wondering if you’d let the right one go?

  139. Great photo! I don’t think it much matters whether the author is male or female. Someone was trying to send a message to another “someone” – a good message to just go for it! Just dooooooooooooit and take a chance!

  140. Elementary. It was written by a chalk salesman.

  141. I think a man wrote it who lost his chance and is full of regeret. I also agree that the gender does not matter; you should heed the advice. It is a sign. Let it move you to action.

  142. I love that blog post. It has sentimental value to it:

    “Kiss her, it may be your last chance.”

  143. It’s quite romantic, maybe a man wrote it.

  144. Women usually have a fatter more circular type of handwriting.
    Just look and compare the next time you think about it.

  145. What I mean by that is that they have more space in between the lines of the characters they make.

  146. I think it was a guy who wrote it. And as for things that we see giving us a push in the right direction, in reference to your situation, think of it as fate.
    Good luck with your own problem.
    And great picture.
    Life is too short, might as well take what we can get one monet at a time…

  147. nice post, good that you caught it and make so many more people see it!

  148. This is very timely for me as well…I recently re-connected with a guy a used to work with 6 years ago. A long conversation between us revealed that the whole time we were working together (2 years), we were both very attracted to each other but never acted upon it for various reasons. The next day he posted this on his myspace page:

    “When you see something you like, do what you can to get it. Don’t live life standing still.”

    He’s in Chicago still, and I’m in SF. We never thought we’d ever speak again. You never know…

  149. oh WTF, just do it anyway!

  150. I havent understood the post at all…. what r we talking about anyways?

  151. Good one keep it up!! Nice try!!

  152. The message is simple and clear:
    Seize your opportunity while it is available.

  153. the opportunity only come once, so just kiss her.

  154. you’ve got to bite the bullet. ANd do it. I was just in a simalar situation. EVerything works out for the best. Carpe Diem.

  155. i am Asian..Christian catholic to be specific…within the spangs of culture and social grace..ask her first, then before she answers give her that quick kiss- if she smiles then go torrid..if she won’t like it..just say sorry..and better luck next time then 😛

  156. Just Kiss Her… If you had a penny for everytime you did take a chance or a leap of faith how rich would you be?

    Life’s about being really rich with experience! Live it. =)

    It’s a sign!!

  157. I’m thinking it was a woman. They usually talk about this stuff and give advice of this sort to men.

  158. Today is the day I’m going to take that chance. I can’t wait. After seeing this photo…mate I have to.

  159. Kiss her goodbye!
    You won’t loss a thing if you do kiss her.

  160. Kiss her… I have been in this situation too many times and now I know that… kiss her… forgot everything and kiss her!!!

  161. Thank you again, for this graffiti. I bit the bullet and did it. It was perfect. Thank you so much. Obey the graffiti dammit! I blogged about it if u care to read.

  162. Hooooooooooooooooooooooot!
    (nuff o already). Nice move you have there.
    You guys have to read the blog.
    Thanks for sharing.

    lastmanstanding or lastmanonarainy day

    B )

  163. kiss the woman you fool!

  164. I am really excited. This will be my first time visiting, good work. Good stuff. :-)..!

  165. Hello

    Looks good!


  166. Just allow yourself to enjoy the moment.

  167. Hello

    Very interesting information! Thanks!


  168. it can be a woman’s writing, looks like it… how would she be, a dreamer? also a bit shy.. and also tired of waiting or perhaps even sad.. but it can also be an undecided man, shy, trying to figure out his feelings and encourage himself. hard to tell.

  169. I have come across this recently in prints and immediately loved it. Although I read it differently…

    I don’t see it as fate or a sign, probably because for one i’m a girl, but also because I dont want to.

    I interpret this as ‘kiss her’ because tomorrow she’s likely to be gone. Almost a warning to the guy… written by the girl. Of course, if i wasn’t completley terrified of commitment then I may see it differently!

    Great picture though, however we wish to interpret it!

  170. What’s up, of course this article is really nice and I have learned lot of things from it concerning blogging. thanks.

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