Draw The Line Somewhere


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  1. oooh, I too have just spent the day on a soul-destroying economics essay. I redeemed it a little by contriving to end it along the lines of “… in conclusion, that’s why ECONOMICS IS WRONG ABOUT EVERYTHING” 😉

    Here’s some graffiti for you, a bit grim for this site perhaps but still not to be ignored: http://heathlander.wordpress.com/2008/04/09/no-biggie/

    I also saw loads of interesting graffiti – some very political, some very artistic, some both – on a trip to Spain last month. Most of it was in areas where I didn’t feel that comfortable taking my camera out, but it lives on in my heart if not on my hard disk.

    Anyway welcome back to the world of blog.

  2. the first thing that God created was Word, and words are being written by Lines.

  3. love this layout and concept. so easy and breezy…

  4. Hooray, hiatus cycle.

  5. oops.. that line looks a little crooked 🙂

  6. I do like the concept…drawing the line somewhere. As a social worker I know how slow change can be…awareness is a big step. And art can lead to awareness. Lovely blog!

  7. I totally agree. Just came across your blog and love it!

  8. Art is the only way we are going to get out of this mess.

    I totally love and subscribe to that.

  9. i love your quote..and the artwork

  10. without art why go on

  11. Well conveyed! A good mix of art and morals.

  12. Politics are slow because people don’t do much. Art is the door, it always has been……….Peace

  13. Lines are needed……..Art is a must……….Your eye does bring out the issues in us.

  14. Awesome Artwork

  15. awesome check out this link. http://www.charlieday.wordpress.com

  16. Great idea. Makes one thing where that line is personal and socially.

  17. i love den figures……….quite sexxy

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