The Future




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  1. We are trying, there are just some people being impatient.

    Lots of the dreams of the man of history have come true already.

    But that some of them haven’t yet, doesn’t per say mean they never will.

    Or maybe they have, just not exactly how they were dreamed.

  2. Great writing sir…beautiful. How do you write such beautiful posts. Do enlighten me as I am a complete blogging noob…do visit my blog and leave some comments and feedbacks….

  3. I want my flying car too. Great Post!

  4. flying car would be so good…give! one day…one day.

  5. […] This was supposed to be the future! Are we having fun yet? Is this the glorious tomorrow we dreamed when we were children? If not, why not? And let’s take that away from our lives. […]

  6. […] да приключим тази публикация, допълвам поста с две много подходящи фотографии от Random Vandal : […]

  7. Great blog and nice post….

  8. I still have hope for our future.

  9. Both the past and the future are abstract ideas, all we ever have is the present. The future is now. Here it is again. Now that future has become the past.
    ‘Supposed to’ are words of resignation, inaction, helplessness and apathy.
    We are never stuck. The power is still ours, we the people, we just have to learn how to use it.
    Make the future what you envision. Become who you’re supposed to be. We’re invincible until we’re dead, and it’s our mortality that makes us equal.

  10. This is very touching, I’m glad to see people sharing their opinions with others. We need to surround ourselves with positive energy and vibes and I believe this is a great way to do so. Spread the love and do not let darkness cover your light.

    “None but ourselves can free our minds”

    Thank you so much!
    One Love

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