Let The Idea’s Roll…



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  1. I have been thinking along similar lines. I think that the Internet is integrating the world more than what would happen without it. The internet is more positive than negative. I agree with the idea of a movement to promote this. I do think that there is plenty of Web 2.0 sites out there working towards this end. WordPress is one of them. Thanks for the post.

  2. yes , you seem very divine. we need to really unite for good ideas . the good things work even with the detrimental efforts who have destructive thinking. but positve and negative need to co exist for the balance.
    it will be very nice to know about what you have in mind which is good for the commoners like me.
    may god give you still better brain wave to refine what you have in mind
    thank you

  3. Interesting post. I love the graphic with it as well. No Impact Man’s blog is a great example of a blog that CHANGES people. Not to mention, the internet has helped expose so much writing, music, art that would otherwise not be seen. Your blog as well is incredibly inspiring, promoting poetic terrorism. 🙂

    A truly amazing online experience has already begun.

  4. I have been trying to start a micro online communtiy based around my industry, architecture through my website, http://www.youngarchitect.net. I have had similar thoughts and I think that there is no limit to the scale that people can unite at, especially when it comes to industry specific networks.

    What prompted me to create the site stems from the fact that all of the established media pertaining to architecture is dull and geared towards a demographic of the industry that only really caters to a small percentage of practicing architects. Furthermore, I have come to find that other blogs have not taken advantage of the internet to offer a lively youthful slant and have also failed to offer anything new.

    The question I am left with is…what is that “new thing” that will inspire others to get up and act?

    As far as solutions, I look to individual ownership to drive the action. Like MySpace or Facebook, users will come to venues where they can “set up camp” if you will. They can establish an “identity” and post anything from personal pictures to ideas to open discussion. By having an identity, these people can bring their point of view to the conversation. As well, this thirsty hunt for an identity has spurned fast-growing markets of plug-ins, themes, and customization.

    The problem with these sites is that they are very corporate and advertising becomes a boundary for progress. Also true individuality is hastened due to the paint-by-numbers aspect of these sites.

    In the end, I think that harnessing a “user ownership” within a network is the best way to reach this goal of a heightened online experience. While Digg strives to do this, their content is slightly too broad to really provide its readers with focused content.

  5. The Internet is an amazing thing. Its staggering actually to think what it has made possible.

  6. aha! I was concentrating looking at all those frames on the ceiling until I saw the one on the floor. That is so kewl!

  7. that’s really clever – looks great 🙂

  8. The decor idea looks great & feels new 🙂
    Good to keep your guest bz when you are not around or in the kitchen….

  9. Never mind the “idea’s” – how about calling in the grammar police?

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