Steal From Work!



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  1. [sarcasm]Tags seems to work out well enough for a lot of people.[/sarcasm]

    It’s like shouting out “HEY, this part is going to be sarcastic!”. And it won’t lose it’s meaning, just its self dignity.

    Funny thing, if you’d take the different kind of use for ‘work’, as in the verb, the idea of stealing from work sounds kind of self-contradictory.

  2. The [sarcasm] tag is what i am waging my war against. its sucks. hard.

  3. Written language is interpreted by whoever is reading it. Spoken language is interpreted by whoever is listening/observing. Sarcasm can be lost in either form without a “tag” to point it out, be it your expression when you say it or your words when you write them.

  4. k speaks the truth. but don’t u hate it when people don’t get something that is blatantly meant to be sarcastic?

  5. did someone say crack?

  6. “I’m about to go completely off course now because I have realized what is annoying me: “There is no way of conveying sarcasm in written language without it losing its meaning.”

    I think we need a new italic-esqe quick font change thingy for easy to convey sarcasm! Lets start a global campaign!”
    i think not. although it could be because i’m a very sarcastic person myself that its not hard for me to identify sarcasm.

  7. but yeah, it depends on who’s reading.

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