Time Doesn’t Exist



19 Responses

  1. finally someone agree’s with me. A day to be rememberd in history!

  2. 2012 – It’s not just the olympics!

    Check out the mayan calendar, you’ll see what i’m on about!

  3. So when i’m late i can blame it on the clock?

  4. uh, they both exist but most clocks are usually wrong, even more than twice a day.


  5. Time is speeding up, haven’t you noticed? It’s not just you, everyone’s feeling it!

  6. Time flows like a river slowing and speeding up and right now the river of time has it the rapids so hold on to your boat

  7. Im still not convinced I yet exist.

  8. We can set up clock our way and always be on time! 😛

  9. That’s the same statement used to describe a controversial new quantum scientific equation. It seems that time dissapears underneath plack scale. I find it sad that a person even more nerdy than me exists.

    btw, the Mayan calendar just resets to year 1 in 2012. You know, just like our calendar resets to day 1 after a month has passed. Big deal.

  10. randomnerd-

    one has to wonder about the significance of the end of the calendar. I dont think people are saying its the end of the world. just a new beginning, but of a spiritual age. Its very interesting. Your obviously a clever guy, but probabaly follow the scientific method too closely. Youll want to strangle me for saying that.

    but anyway…

  11. Someone’s been late to work one to many times. 🙂

  12. I agree..time is just a pigment of imagination

  13. I wonder how long it took to spray paint that message.

  14. Yeay, all we live in life is a changing present.

  15. Reminds me of a song by Travis – “Time exists just on your wrist, so don’t panic”.

  16. What is time but merely a means of measuring change?

  17. The most real feel of time “the present” is infinitesimal. It cannot be measured. Measurement of time is mostly an afterthought. Time also has similarity to recording devices where “the present” resembles the sharp recording point like laser and past is comparable to the recorded material while future is the unrecorded portion. In this way past is just a memory. Similar thoughts were expressed by Mc Taggart when he described the similarity between written history and stories in their time characteristics suggesting that past is just like recorded material.

  18. The hour is upon us

  19. every year is getting shorter, never seem to find the time…

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