You Are Alive




6 Responses

  1. sometimes I really don’t think I am alive. Good to have little reminders like this. Keeps you thinking

  2. I actually love this Blog.

    And you.

  3. […] be like a slap on the face for whoever’s looking down and thinking none-too-happy thoughts. You are Alive, […]

  4. I think this was written by some street kid having a bad trip on acid, trying to convince the wall of some kind of reassurance reality has not totally escaped him.

    I like yo pictures.

  5. If I was born without kneecaps and then I grew some how come I have less bones when I added more? A sneeze comes out at 267km an hour. Your foot is the same length as your arm from wrist to elbow. Love your blog.

  6. […] Random Vandal: “You Are Alive” […]

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