Define Liberty




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  1. That’s really deep.

  2. Anything… they don’t want to hear?

  3. people don’t usually want to hear what they don’t like. It’s like “the inconvenient truth”, telling people of the harsh realities. It’s like telling a person with a terminal illness who wants to keep living that they’re gonna die. like “the truth hurts” .. a better example would be telling a horizontally challenged person that he or she is fat, i guess. ;_;

  4. Liberty doesn’t ask you to hurt people – it just asks you live your way without bothering others.

    Your freedom to sway your hands ends where my nose begins. Remember – It Ain’t your business if I do?

  5. Well said, Shefali. I like that.

  6. :). Just thought I will share this. Of course I have not read the entire thing (As it says There is no need to read this entire book. 😀 ) but it is quiet interesting, funny at times, thought provoking at others. Just a glimpse will suffice.

  7. So true. I really love these, thank you for putting them up.

  8. terrorism is a scam, i totally agree with you there. Its just the establishment taking advantage of our idiotic fear of the unknown

  9. yeah Steve, terrorism is a scam and the biggest perps of the scam are the terrorists in government in the US of A. Liberty is allowing others the freedom to be themselves, whoever that may be because we do, afterall, all live in our own unique reality!

  10. A wise man once said…..

    “Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both. ”
    Benjamin Franklin

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